Fall: a short period of time in New York City where it is acceptable (and tolerable) to wear a mini dress and a leather jacket without either profusely sweating, or absolutely freezing.  I have to say, this is one of my favorite times of year because I love a good leather jacket. This one is really fun because it’s not your typical black or brown moto jacket.  Yes, brown and black are easy to wear with everything, but honestly, so is navy. Plus, I love to mix it up with different pieces like this. I paired it with an easy t-shirt dress from Current Elliot and some super cool sneaker wedges.  I know, some people are not huge fans of the sneaker wedge, and I wasn’t really either until I found these.  They have the right arch and perfect height, for me at least. As always, the right pair of sunnies and a great handbag to pull the outfit together.

On a side note, happy National Coffee Day! I just want to thank all the cappuccinos and lattes in my life. You truly warm my heart. 🙂

Jacket :: Forever21  |  Dress :: Current Elliot  |  Sneakers ::  Aldo

Photos by Alex Inskeep

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