Going home to Florida always feels good, especially when I get to hang out at the Marina in South Beach.  You don’t really get to see the yachts in New York City so often so it’s a nice change of scenery.  Something else I love about Florida is that whole ‘no white after Labor Day’ thing doesn’t really exist. It seems that in Florida, white is always right ;). I took that opportunity and ran, in heels. I love the look of whites and nudes, it’s super clean and classic.

I picked up these white jeans from Forever21 and to put my own spin on them, I took a scissors to the knees and cut some chic slits.  Somehow, when you find denim like these in stores, it costs extra when the holes are already there.  I found a few pairs from Forever21 from $7.90 – $17.80 in all different colors.  At that price, you could afford to take your own spin on the jeans.

I really love the small pop of color too. I snatched these cute and colorful earrings from H&M.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I loved them in the store but they made me ask myself an important question.  Cool or weird? When that question pops up, I know I have to at least try them. Now, I love them!

I’m obsessed with the look of these nude pumps, but to be honest, they are not the most comfortable.  But hey, isn’t the saying ‘beauty is pain?’

Top :: Dor l’ Dor  |  Jeans :: Forever21 (I cut them myself!)  |  Shoes :: Dor l’ Dor

Sunnies :: Forever21  |  Bag :: Rebecca Minkoff  | Earrings :: H&M (Others Here)

Photos by Gen of