Ahhh New Orleans in the summer. Who would have known it can get so hot! I sure didn’t. For most of days of my trip there, it was around 95 degrees and SUPER sunny.  Hot, hot, hot! I would say after walking around the French Quarter for maybe an hour, I looked like I had jumped in a pool.  Hence the top bun.  At least it’s chic and cute looking.  It’s super simple.  Pull all your hair at the top of your head and twist it all the way to the top.  Then, start to wrap it into a bun and tuck the end into the bun. Secure with either a thin hair band, or a couple bobbi pins.  And viola! Very ballet dancer on the street. 😉

Along with whipping my hair into a top bun, rompers were the easiest way to beat the heat.  I am obsessed with this little number I picked up from Forever21 while in Miami.  The bottom half is a but oversized and super flawy.  It almost could pass for a dress. I love the top because it is so open and has a great neckline. Simple sandals were the go to since we were still looking at wedding venues and a pop of color in my bag to keep me in a summer mood.

Romper :: Forever21  |  Denim Jacket :: Current Elliot  |  Shoes :: Forever21 (Others Here)

Bag :: Necessary Clothing (Other Here)  |   Cuff :: Forever21  | Sunnies :: Forever21

Photos by Ollie Alexander

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