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It’s summer so beachy waves are in! Anything to make me feel like I’m closer to the water, especially being in the city.  I have a few tips on how to achieve this tussled look without the sand.

The first thing you need is some sea salt water.  There are many products out there you can try, or, go ahead and make your own at home.  Pretty simple, all you need is some water, salt, and a spray bottle. Shake it up, and BAM! Your own homemade ocean in a bottle.

sea salt spray


From here (wet hair) you can either messily blow dry or use a defuser.  If you use the defuser, just go over it with the curling iron till you have your desired look.  If you are using the hairdryer, section your hair in half, and start to add loose curls.  If they are messy, that’s okay! That’s the look we’re going for! To give it that natural, windblown look, be sure that your ends (about an inch and half) are straightened.

stylin tools 2

Shake it out and add some hairspray and maybe some extra sea salt spray. If anything, it will just smell more like the ocean 🙂

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