This is my last post on my Chicago trip and it’s a comfy one.  Literally!  Taking comfort to a new level, these shorts are actually pajamas, but too cute not wear out.  I love Equipment because of their soft fabrics and super fun prints.  I mixed and matched the two, hearts and lipsticks.  I thought they went pretty well together, at least in my book they do!  I would say this outfit is a great Fall transition outfit.  Although the colors and booties don’t scream Summer, the short shorts don’t scream Fall, so it’s perfect for the in-between time. Even if it’s 85 degrees out, I am somehow always cold. I love this goldy silky blazer from Forever21 because you can either dress it up or dress it down.  Sorry to say loves, but I picked up this little number about a year ago so it is no longer in stores.

This outfit was perfect for my day on Michigan Avenue.  A gorgeous street, and in and out of stores.  Sounds like my kind of day!  Michigan Avenue reminded me of 5th Avenue in New York City, except cleaner and with more department stores.  I love department stores, especially Nordstrom and their shoe department.  There is something that relaxes me about it.  Is that sick? Haha.  Breath in luxury, breath out relaxation.  Maybe that’s what Reluxed is all about? 🙂

Blouse and Shorts :: Equipment  |  Blazer :: Forever21  |  Booties :: Forever21

Photos by Diante Thomas