“Give Me Love.” Wait, is this an Ed Sheeran Concert? A girl could only dream! Although this was not a personal serenade from the sweet red haired crooner, it was about equal (okay, I’d still take Ed over the art.) This was an exhibit that seemed made for me.  A white washed room with plenty of multicolored polka dots, and the opportunity to add your own touch to the room? Sign me up! After seeing others post on social media about the exhibit, I had to check it out.  With a line outside the small man made house, I waited for my moment to shine in the room with the explosion of color.  It reminded me of my childhood, painting and probably splattering color all over the place for someone (my mom) to clean up after.

Knowing the room would be white washed with bright hues, I dressed appropriately in all black.  I guess that’s the New York in me.  In true Jenn Diner and Reluxed fashion, my jacket was covered in sequins, black and multicolor, to adhere to the colorful theme. I added some cool funky gold and white sneaker wedges, to give me a bit of height and are super comfy, to finish off the outfit.  Atop my head, a messy bun to go with the mess around the room! This exhibit reminded me that I will always be a kid at heart, oh, and to not take too much time taking photos in a small art exhibit in New York.  We were asked to “wrap it up” after about 15min. 🙂 Sorry we’re not sorry?

The “Give Me Love” exhibit by Yayoi Kasuma at the David Zwirner Gallery in NYC

Tee :: H&M | Jeans :: Forever21 (I cut the holes)

Jacket :: Vintage Thrift (Other Here) | Sneaker Wedges :: Aldo

Photos by Alex Inskeep

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