New Years Glitter Nails

New Years.  The one day of the year when my obsession with glitter is socially acceptable. In honor of that day, I am making sure that my nails are SUPER sparkly.  Getting this gradient glittered look is very simple.  All you need is some loose glitter (color of your choice) and clear polish.  Start with two coats of your preferred color polish.  I used clear for my nails because I wanted the glitter to be the shining star!  Then, on a piece of foil paper, mix together the loose glitter and a few drops of clear polish.  Create a thick line of glitter at the tips of each nail, as if you were doing a french manicure. Let that dry for a few moments.  The next step is the gradient effect.  Drag the polish brush up and down in an uneven manor.  This is will give your nails the look of an ombre.  Lastly, a clear coat to seal it all. Enjoy and sparkle on!